About Us

The St. Peters Residents Association was formed in the 1970s when the former St. Peters Council proposed allowing demolition of the area’s historic houses and to encourage the erection of higher density two-storey walk up flats, This was a time when Don Dunstan wanted to build 10-storey flats at Hackney. Fortunately the residents of Hackney rose in revolt and the government retreated. The St Peter’s Council then zoned a large part of the Town as Residential 1 so protecting the old homes. This was later further protected by the declaration of Historic Conservation Zones.

SPRA supports traditional low-density housing and protection of historical and character suburbs. It has worked to save heritage places and to try to lessen the negative impacts of urban infill development. It acts as a watchdog on Council's actions. SPRA is not anti-development but it believes that new development should complement the valued character of existing residential areas and be of a high standard. It is committed to helping residents maintain or improve the character and amenity of their residential areas.

While SPRA is concerned to promote the interests of residents living in the former St. Peters Council area (covering the suburbs of Hackney, College Park, St. Peters, Maylands, Evandale and Stepney) and more recently the former Payneham Council’s Joslin, it has also helped residents in other parts of the Norwood Payneham and St. Peters Council area and beyond and will continue to do so when people seek its help.

If you have an interest in stopping over-development, encouraging historic conservation or promoting anything that would make our area a better place in which to live, SPRA would welcome your involvement. SPRA monitors development proposals and council performance and makes representations to council on local issues.

If you would like to get involved, or need help with any local matter, phone Evonne Moore on 8362 1152 or email info@stpeters.asn.au. You can also follow our Facebook page St Peters Residents Association and twitter account @StPetersResid.

Please consider becoming a member so that you can be informed.