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Name List

ABELSON Coleman Private 2026 East Adelaide, South Australia Mother, Mrs Sophia Abelson, 9 Torrens Street, East Adelaide KIA 31/01/1917 30 43rd Battalion
AMBER Archibald Private 3187 25 Phyllis Street, Maylands, South Australia

Grant Application


Description of Project:
The St Peters Heroes Memorial is located at the intersection of St Peters Street and Second Avenue, St Peters.

A meeting of the women of St Peters was held in 1919 and resolved “– to erect a soldiers’ memorial in honour of the St Peters Heroes who fell in the Great War”. (


Last year the St Peters Residents Association applied for a grant in the 2017-18 round of funding from the Veterans SA - Anzac Day Commemoration Fund for the research, preparation and fixing of bronze tablets containing the names of the fallen Great War servicemen from the then Town of St Peters onto the St Peters Heroes Memorial in St Peters Street.

The memorial, erected in 1922 by citizens of the former Town of St Peters, is one of the few Great War memorials that does not feature the names of the fallen.

Save Rymill Park Picnic Rally

On Sunday 31st May from 12pm - 2pm, a picnic will be held in Rymill Park in protest over the government's plans to build a 6 lan dual carriage way diagonally through Rymill Park.

It will be a bring-your-own picnic, but it is planned that there will be a sausage sizzle, live music and some key speeches from some high profile people such as Lord Mayor Martin Haese and Senator Nick Xenophon. The event is intended as a picnic / protest event that should be an enjoyable, fun-filled community event in it's own right.

Please refer to the flyer for more information. The Residents set to rally against O-Bahn project at Rymill Park article in the Sunday Mail provides more information on concerns.

State Heritage Nomination for Women's Centre at Stepney

The Women's Centre at Stepney has been nominated for the State Heritage List. If successful, this would give this historic cottage and the work of generations of women in it protection from future destruction. It was only a few years back when our Council voted to knock the Women's Centre down. Thankfully this decision was reversed after a huge community back-lash. Submissions on this nomination can be made to the State Heritage Committee up until 30th of October.

Integrated Transport & Land Use Strategy

Planning Minister John Rau has announced that an online survey is currently being conducted to provide initial public input on the Government’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy, a draft of which will be released for broader consultation in September. The online survey asks South Australians to consider issues of sustainability, liveability and prosperity in regard to a range of transport and land use issues, and includes discussion of public transport, pedestrian movements and land use planning.

About Time 2013: South Australia's History Festival

About Time 2013, organised by History SA and which will run from the 1st to 31st May, is one of South Australia’s largest community events. The festival promotes the State’s wonderful collections, places and stories through an amazing range of history-related activities. About Time began in 2004 as SA History Week and has grown each year, becoming a month-long festival in 2011. Its popularity and success is due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the event organisers, including thousands of volunteers, who are passionate about sharing our history.

This year there are many events in the Norwood, Payneham & St Peters area, which residents may be interested in attending. These events include guided walks, bus tours, talks and exhibitions. The details of these local events are listed below.
The History SA website gives details of the entire programme throughout the state.

Influence of Linear Park on Coastal Water Quality

TThe densification of housing along the edges of the Linear Park negates decades of scientific advancement towards the improvement of coastal water quality and marine life. By infilling backyards with housing and concrete driveways, we reduce the area of land available for uptake of rainwater. Instead, rain falls onto roofing and concrete that is delivered into the storm water system, including the River Torrens. The River Torrens is part of an urban catchment that receives and carries pollutants from our urban activities to our coast. This delivery system has driven loss of marine life, with the larger population-sizes causing larger losses (Gorman et al. 2009).

It is worth knowing that our state scientists and managers have pursued environmental improvements needed to underpin the recreational and commercial values of coastal Adelaide. These improvements represent millions of dollars of investment in science and infrastructure for the long-term benefits of South Australia. By recognizing this pursuit and investment, a better considered 30 –Year Plan is needed for the long-term benefit of South Australians.

Mature Trees Removed at Avenues Shopping Centre

Many local residents were appalled when over 20 healthy mature trees were removed from the Avenues Shopping Centre car park on Boxing Day in 2010. After our Association protested to the Council, this tree removal work was temporarily stopped. However following legal advice, the Council decided that it did not have the power to stop further tree felling on this site, apart from the new owner not being allowed to fell trees defined as “significant” under the Development Act.

Dunstan Grove - Linde Reserve Upgrade

We congratulate Council and Council staff for the excellent work they have done upgrading Dunstone Grove - Linde Reserve. Unfortunately several large trees had to be cut down to make way for the creek banks to be laid back. However the park now looks a treat with the new playground equipment, sculptures, tree and shrub plantings and new bridges over Second Creek. Cormorants, native ducks and Masked Plovers have been seen in or near the creek and frogs heard croaking in the creek bed, now that the concrete lining has been removed.