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Low density living is not the answer

Mateo Szlapek-Sewillo has written an opinion piece titled Low density living is not the answer in InDaily.

As a likely future entrant into the housing market, I think that rumours of the demise of this lifestyle are greatly exaggerated — and that’s a shame. Low-density housing is not a viable solution for the complex demographic and social challenges which Adelaide faces now and in the future.

Rex Jory: Preservation of Adelaide's parklands is vital

SA needs to preserve Light's vision to give the growing community the gift of just plain open spaces, writes Rex Jory in The Advertiser.

He says the Adelaide parklands must be preserved, not only for the increasing number of residents but also for the enjoyment of all South Australians. Visionaries are needed to preserve Colonel Light's vision - to give the community the precious gift of just plain open spaces. Cr Plumridge says.

SPRA shares the concerns of Rex Jory that the parklands need to preserved as open spaces for the community to make use of and not be commercialised.

Adelaide's love letter from Chicago

Adelaide Now's digital editor, Greg Barila repots on the Chicago Tribune newspaper calling Adelaide one of the world's best-designed cities.

But "the real genius" of the city, Peter Ferry says, is Colonel Light's Square Mile. "Central Adelaide is surrounded by a broad, green belt of parks, gardens and playing fields. "Green space is built around the city rather than the other way around. The pretty villages and suburbs only begin beyond it."