Newsletter - March 2023

This newsletter contains the following items:

  • Spies, Secrets, Clandestine Operations and the St Peters Town Hall like something from a John le Carre novel!’ - a talk by Historian Denise Schumann
  • AGM on Wednesday 22 March at 7.30pm
  • SPRA is 50 Years Old
  • Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Adelaide's Urban Forest
  • Our Local Councillors
  • Traffic Matters
  • St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade

AGM - 22 March 2023

Wednesday 22 March at 7.30pm, in the St Peters Banquet Hall

Spies, Secrets, Clandestine Operations and the St Peters Town Hall like something from a John le Carre novel!’
In late December 1962, on a scorcher of a day, an attractive woman waited outside the St Peters Town Hall, a double agent, she was part of an ASIO sting to uncover a ring of Soviet spies. But who was really watching who?


Explanation of Proposed Changes

The St Peters Residents Association Incorporated (SPRA) was formed in 1972.
At that time the Constitution was agreed to by the members and registered under the then current legislation for Incorporated Associations.
The 1972 Constitution has not been amended since that time, and is still the one that governs the activities of SPRA.
Since 1972 there have been changes to the Incorporated Associations Act and Regulations that require the Constitution to be updated to comply.

Urban Forest Submission

A recent Conservation Council study estimated that Adelaide is losing about 75,000 trees a year. We submit that this is due to a range of factors including population growth, housing densification policy, life-style changes, a failure of the planning system to reserve space around built structures for vegetation and trees, weak legislative protection for existing trees, commercial development and powerline clearance. Government must encourage Council policies and tree species selection.

Meet the Candidates Forum

You are invited to attend a forum to meet the candidates for Mayor and for Councillors representing the St Peters and the Maylands/Trinity Wards in the coming Council Election.

WHEN: Wednesday 19th October at 7pm
WHERE: St Peters Banquet Hall, St Peters Street, St Peters

All candidates will be given the opportunity to speak to their candidacy and to take questions from the floor to help you to decide who should represent you on Council for the next four years.

Traffic Issues

A group of residents (NPSP Residents’ Traffic Management Group) has recently started meeting over concerns about poor management of traffic and parking along many the Avenues, particularly First and Second in the St Peters, Joslin and Royston Park areas of our Council.

The concerns include: