Transport SA Car Park

The State Planning Commission is canvassing options on where land could be provided to accommodate an estimated 300,000 new dwellings in Greater Adelaide over the next 30 years. Land to be investigated for possible infill development includes the former Transport SA carpark off Holton Court, St Peters. The triangular vacant site is surrounded by the River Torrens on two sides and by the O-Bahn on the other. The area is rich in urban wildlife including frequent sightings of koalas and birds.

SPRA is concerned that a large high-rise infill apartment complex on this sensitive riverine site has the potential to add a great deal of pollution to the river and to destroy the amenity the local environment and its wildlife.

We also understand that the former Highways carpark is built on fill, due to the history of sand and gravel mining along the River Torrens, followed by use as a rubbish dump.

The recommendation of SPRA is that this land should be added to the Linear Park. This is also the preferred option of the NPSP Council.

Old Transport SA Car Park History

This article contains background information on Allottment 13 off Holton Court, Joslin which is known as the Transport SA Car Park and is owned by the Commissioner of Highways. The primary source of information are the minutes of meetings of the Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council. For two decades the council have requested multiple times that the car park is included in the River Torrens Linear Park.

The position of SPRA as outlined in the Old Transport SA Car Park GARP Response is consistent with the Council's request to have the car park included within the River Torrens Linear Park.