Developers to Strip Councils of Power

Heather Kennett has written in the Sunday Mail about Adelaide's development lobby plan to strip councils of power

ADELAIDE'S development lobby wants to strip councils of powers to approve projects worth more than $5 million or buildings taller than two storeys. The Property Council instead wants the state's Development Assessment Commission to assess such developments, in what will be seen as a renewed assault on the local planning authorities.

The Urban Development Institute of SA has called for apartment blocks up to 20-storeys high to be allowed on Dequetteville Tce and 10-storey buildings should be allowed on The Parade and in Kent Town. The calls come against the backdrop of hundreds of residents objecting to greater infill development

Local Government Association president Kym McHugh said the recommendation "would remove decisions further and further from the communities which have to live with the results". "I believe the whole system will run more effectively if the community is returned to a central role in developing strategies and (development) plans," he said.

Evonne Moore had the following to say in response to the article:

This demand is clearly an ambit claim from the developers' lobby which seeks to further reduce local community input into the type of neighbourhoods in which people live. This push to water down council and community control of development assessments should be vigorously opposed by all residents and local councils.

SPRA urges residents to attend the next public meeting on Thursday 21st March at the Norwood Town Hall. Councillors need to know that they have residents' support in pushing back against the demands of developers.