Adelaide's love letter from Chicago

Adelaide Now's digital editor, Greg Barila repots on the Chicago Tribune newspaper calling Adelaide one of the world's best-designed cities.

"You can't design a city better than this one," Chicago Tribune contributor Peter Ferry wrote in an April 23 article in the paper's travel section. "The city itself has wide streets laid out on a grid around pretty squares with handsome churches and buildings, such as St Peter's Cathedral, Parliament House, The Adelaide Festival Center on the banks of the river, the Adelaide Botanic Garden, The University of Adelaide looking like an Oxford college, and Central Market, a cornucopia of produce, cheeses, meats and wines."

But "the real genius" of the city, he says, is Colonel Light's Square Mile. "Central Adelaide is surrounded by a broad, green belt of parks, gardens and playing fields. "Green space is built around the city rather than the other way around. The pretty villages and suburbs only begin beyond it."