Uplift DPA - Public Meeting

"The one and only public hearing for the "uplift" DPA the "Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth DPA" is to be held on Tuesday 26th of March at 7.00 pm in the Mayor's Parlour, Norwood Town Hall complex, 175 The Parade Norwood (entrance from George Street). Developers' submissions have dominated the public submission process for this DPA. More information is available on the council website.

All residents are urged to attend this public hearing to lend support to the Norwood Residents Association which has challenged the heights of multi-storey flats proposed for several areas including The Parade, Kent Town and Magill Road.

Our Association has also made a representation to this DPA and our spokesperson Evonne will be speaking at this public hearing.

There is a hearing for the Residential DPA on Thursday 21st March.
Notes on the meeting are now available.