“Uplift” rezoning

At the government’s behest, our Council has prepared rezoning plans for parts of The Parade Norwood and Kent Town. Sites have been selected to allow multi-storey dwellings to satisfy the government’s demands and at the same time to try to minimize negative impacts on character housing areas and nearby residents. The Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Growth Development Plan Amendment nominates Dequetteville Terrace and the southern side of North Terrace Kent Town for up to 10-storey flats and parts of The Parade for up to 6-storey mixed use development with flats above shops. Large strategic sites such as Banner Hardware on the corner of Fullarton Road and Magill Road and the Norwood Cinema complex will be encouraged to build up to 10-storeys with apartments above shops. In the former council area of St. Peters, the State Heritage place Romilley House on the corner of North Terrace and Hackney Road Hackney has been included in a zone which allows up to 6-10 storey mixed use infill with flats. As well, the Balloons Galore site on the corner of North Terrace and Baliol Street in College Park, has been chosen for up to 3-storey housing. This planning policy document should be released for public comment soon. Residents are urged to send their comments & concerns to our Council. Our Association is happy to provide any advice or assistance for this.

While the impacts on the suburbs governed by the former St. Peters Council may be minimal at present, the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide lists Payneham Road and Magill Road as “transit corridors” and the government requires our Council to allow multi-storey housing along these roads in future. Sites flagged for future dense redevelopment include Payneham Road (4-6 storey mixed use with flats above commercial uses), Magill Road (4-6 storey mixed use with flats on top), the Stepney triangle (mixed use commercial and residential) and the Adelaide Caravan Park in Richmond Street Hackney (4-6 storey housing).

Editors Note: This was first published in the March 2013 newsletter, and does not mention the medium density 4-story housing Marden, Glynde, Firle and along the River Torrens Linear Park.