Adelaide’s low-density lifestyle under threat

Evonne Moore (SPRA Spokesperson) has written an opinion piece, titled Adelaide’s low-density lifestyle under threat published in InDaily on 5th June 2013.

Millions of migrants have come to Australia on the promise of a better quality of life. A suburban house and garden for raising a family are a crucial part of this promise. The late historian Hugh Stretton wrote about the freedoms and benefits which Australia’s low-density housing provides. It is ideal for raising families, growing fruit and flowers, barbecues and entertaining, pursuing hobbies and men’s sheds; privacy, silence and solitude – as much as you want.

Now residents have been told that they are to have 3-12-storey flats shoe-horned around AAMI Stadium, at Bowden, in St Clair Reserve, around the Linear Park and the Parklands, about shopping centres and along the coast, and around busy polluted major arterial roads. While there may be space in existing suburbs for more infill development, this should not come at the cost of nearby residents’ quality of life. The welfare of residents in new infill dwellings should also be considered.