NPSP Council to hold public meeting and forum on River Torrens building height changes

Daniela Abbracciavento covered the council meeting where Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council decided to hold public meeting and forum on River Torrens building height changes. The article has been published in the Eastern Courier.

Councillor Sue Whitington, who suggested the public meeting, said it would provide "an opportunity for interaction and questions".
"Points of uncertainty" would be clarified by council planning staff, she said.

Cr Paul Wormald told last night's meeting the open forum would help ease residents' concerns.
"This is probably the major public issue of this council and it's very important that people are heard and the council is seen to be listening," he said.

SPRA is pleased with this outcome, when the alternative motion proposed by Mayor Bria was to close the workshops to the public. The expectation of SPRA is that the public meeting will be about concerns raised by residents in submissions to the rezoning proposals in the Development Plan Amendments now under consideration by Council. On the issue of degradation of the natural environment by dense blocks of multi-storey flats next to the Linear Park, residents are encouraged to read the Billabong Achievement at Risk and Influence of Linear Park on Coastal Water Quality articles for an understanding of the potential impacts.

SPRA will alert subscribers to the newsletter and twitter as soon as the meeting dates are made known.