NIMBY or QUIMBY Forum - 29 April

A public forum on planning, titled The Great NIMBY or QUIMBY Forum is to be held on 29th April 2013 at 7.00 pm in the Norwood Town Hall. A report on the forum has been published.

What is the planning future of Greater Adelaide? Can QUALITY IN MY BACKYARD be expected? Or will it be a DEVELOPERS’ DREAM and promote a NOT IN MY BACKYARD attitude?

The event is sponsored by Community Alliance SA. Please promote this event using the twitter tag #QUIMBYSA.

Politicians, planners and lawyers will speak about Adelaide's future.
Speakers include Vicky Chapman MP, Mark Parnell MLC, Professor Rob Fowler of the Conservation Council and Melissa Ballantyne of the Environmental Defenders Office.

Dr Robert Crocker, spokesperson from Community Alliance South Australia, says this is a “significant event for planning in South Australia”.

“Politicians from all sides of the house, experts in planning, heritage and development, will talk about real issues and real solutions. Audience members will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel”.

Dr Crocker says “the forum is being held to open up a real debate about planning.”

The forum will deal with the BIG questions:

  • Is the 30 Year Plan still viable?
  • How can genuine consultation occur?
  • How can we make the planning and development system more transparent?
  • What role should local government have?
  • How can we protect our heritage?
  • What powers should the minister have to ‘fast track’ planning changes?
  • Where does the environment fit into the future of Adelaide?
  • Is high-rise outside of the CBD a sensible solution?

“The forum will be provocative. It will question whether a shift in thinking can be promoted towards

QUIMBY (Quality in my backyard) rather than NIMBY (Not in my backyard)”