St Peters Town Hall Renovations

Work is proceeding on the installation of a mezzanine floor into the St. Peters Town Hall to accommodate the library. This is part of a large Council project to renew the St. Peters Civic Centre complex to accommodate a History Centre, move the library into the former Town Hall and allow Radio 3D to move from its Nelson Street premises into the area formerly occupied by the library. Our Association asked Council to consider building side additions to the St. Peters Town Hall rather than inserting a mezzanine floor into it. We were concerned at the loss of the lofty beautiful St. Peters hall which has served as a meeting place and function hall for residents over many decades. However Council decided to press ahead with the mezzanine. Council also plans to upgrade the street, footpaths and landscaping at the entrance to St. Peters Street from Payneham Road.

While building work continues, the St. Peters Library has a drop-off point in the renovated Youth Centre in Linde Reserve. Our Association looks forward to being able to hire the Youth Centre for our meetings when the library moves into the Town Hall. With the demolition of the old Perriam Centre and the Youth Centre being unavailable, we have struggled to find a local hall in which to hold meetings over the past 18 months.