40km/h Speed Limit Proposal Submission

The St Peters Residents Association makes this submission in relation to the 40km/h speed limit proposal.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed 40km/h speed limit in the residential streets of Hackney, College Park, St Peters and Joslin.

We offer the following comments in support of the proposal: -

  • SPRA has for many years supported the imposition of reduced speed limits in the local area, and fully supports this proposal.
  • SPRA was instrumental in the introduction of the 40km/h restrictions on the streets in the Stepney Triangle (the area bounded by Payneham Rd, Magill Road & Nelson Street) by the then St Peters Council in the 1980s.
  • 40km/h speed zones are not the complete solution, but a part of it.
  • Any actions that will discourage ‘rat runners’ using the local streets is supported.
  • While outside the direct area of interest for the Association, the implementation of a 40km/h speed limit in Marden and Royston Park will discourage ‘rat runners’ who enter the area via River and Beasley Streets Marden, and Battams Road Royston Park to avoid the main roads. These vehicles then filter down through the Avenues, before exiting via Stephen Terrace, Harrow Road, and Richmond Street.
  • The above comment also applies for vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.
  • Those who currently do 60km/h in the 50 zone, will probably do 50 in a 40 zone – there is still a speed reduction benefit.
  • While the speeds will be hard to enforce, Council has purchased a mobile speed detection unit that can be used to educate motorists.
  • The reduction will not have a great effect on local residents as the travel distances to the main roads are short.
  • The same speed limits have been recently implemented in Norwood and Kent Town and have existed for some time in Stepney, Evandale and Maylands. The change will ensure some uniformity in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.
  • Reduced speeds will enhance the amenity of the area.
  • Lower speeds will reduce the severity of crashes on local streets.
  • The use of bicycles will be encouraged with the reduced threat from motor vehicles.
  • Lower speeds on local streets will improve safety for all road users, but especially for cyclists and pedestrians, especially children.

Once again, the Association appreciates the opportunity to have input into the matter.