Liberals will Review State Government Population Growth Predictions

Emma Altschwager reports that Vickie Chapman says Liberals will review State Government population growth predictions as part of 30-Year Plan. The article has been published in the Eastern Courier.

Opposition planning spokeswoman Vickie Chapman has stopped short of promising a Liberal government would dump high-rise apartment plans.

But the Opposition deputy has promised to review the contentious population growth predictions underpinning the State Government's plan to allow 10-storey buildings in city-fringe suburbs.

Burnside Council told the Government it wanted buildings along the two roads capped at six storeys.

Under the Government's plans, developers might be allowed to go as high as 12 storeys if they met certain requirements, such as incorporating a childcare centre into the complex.

SPRA congratulates the Burnside Residents' Association for organising the petition with 1100 signatures opposing 10 storey buildings along Fullarton and Greenhill roads and extends it's thanks to Vickie Chapman for tabling the petition in parliament.