Newsletter - 20 March 2013

Residential DPA Public Meeting - Thursday
SPRA encourages everyone to attend the second public meeting on Thursday 21 March 2013, at 7pm, to be held in the Don Pyatt Hall, Norwood Town Hall. The public meeting provides an opportunity to voice your concerns to the council in a public forum. It is important that as many people as possible attend to send a strong message to the council.

If you previously indicated that you were unavailable to speak at meeting on 5th March, but are available on 21st March, or would like to speak, please contact the council directly. There will be opportunity at the end of the meeting for people not registered to speak.

On Tuesday 26th March at 7pm there will be a public meeting about the Kent Town and Parade Strategic Growth DPA. All residents are urged to attend this public hearing to lend support to the Norwood Residents Association which has challenged the heights of multi-storey flats proposed for several areas including The Parade, Kent Town and Magill Road.

In the Media
You may have read in the Sunday Mail, that developers are pushing to strip councils of the powers to approve all developments over $5 million or greater than 2 storeys. Instead these developments will be sent straight to the State Government for approval.

Local Government Association president Kym McHugh said the recommendation "would remove decisions further and further from the communities which have to live with the results". "I believe the whole system will run more effectively if the community is returned to a central role in developing strategies and (development) plans," he said.
It is important that we encourage and support the council in retaining development approval powers. Please attend the DPA Public Meeting to show your support.

Membership - Help Shape Our Local Community

Memberships for 2013 are now due

If you have an interest in stopping over-development, encouraging historic conservation or promoting anything that would make our area a better place in which to live, SPRA would welcome your involvement. SPRA monitors development proposals and council performance and makes representations to council on local issues. Please join.

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