St Peters

St Peters Billabong Documents

This page contains documents related to the St Peters Billabong that provide reference information about the St Peters BIllabong which is part of the St Peters River Park.

Many of these documents were first obtained in response to Freedom of Information Requests submitted by Ralph Bleechmore. It is possible that council staff are withholding additional documents that should have been released under the Freedom of Information Requests.

Parking Control Removal

The St Peters Residents Association (SPRA) has been contacted by a number of residents regarding the proposed removal of all parking controls on First Avenue, Second Avenue and Harrow Road, including Residential Parking permits.

These controls were implemented at the request of residents over a number of years.

SPRA’s opinion is that if the Council took the foolish step of removing the parking controls, then soon we would find ourselves having a conversation about reintroducing them.

Update:'investigation and Recommendations' report by PA Consultancy added.

Billabong Encroachment Petition

For several years SPRA have had concerns about encroachments and stability of the north-eastern bank of the billabong in the St Peters River Park. We are particularly concerned at the lack of any effective action by Council to address these concerns. This petition highlights some of those concerns and suggests some of the actions we would like to see taken. Council should proceed with the quantitative geotechnical survey to select an engineering solution that preserves the native flora and fauna.

photograph of bank and egret

History of St Peters River Park

The history provides a wealth of information from prior to European settlement through to the current day.

Denise Schumann, who was previously the Cultural Heritage Advisor, City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters prepared a history of St Peters River Park in 2021. The St Peters Residents Association are pleased to reproduce this content for a wider audience to appreciate.

The document was obtained from council as the result of a Freedom of Information Request. The document has been split into six sections and is also available for download as a PDF

Ultra Tune Advertising Sign Application

A development application has been lodged with the Council for a 12m x 4m LED advertising sign on the intersection of Stephen Terrace & Payneham Road above the Ultra Tune establishment. The application is currently out for public consultation and SPRA intends to make a submission to the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) that approval should not be given.

The proposal will look like this.
Photo of 12m x 4m LED advertising sign

Traffic Issues

Traffic management in our suburbs is of significant concern to the St Peters Residents Association (SPRA). The issues of poor driver behaviour, excessive speed, rat running and parking are frequently raised to the committee.

Topics that have been raised recently include: