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Campbelltown Council pushes for lower height limits in Paradise

Campbelltown Council is the latest to push for lower height limits as reported by Emily Griffiths in the East Torrens Messenger.

Elected members voted at this week's meeting to make changes to the council's Residential Development Plan Amendment, which was prepared by the State Government and released for community consultation last October.

SPRA is unsurprised by yet another council has rejected the State Government's push to build "virtual skyscrapers" in suburbia. SPRA encourage Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council to follow the example and give consideration to the fact that the entire basis for 30 year plan is questionable.

Liberals will Review State Government Population Growth Predictions

Emma Altschwager reports that Vickie Chapman says Liberals will review State Government population growth predictions as part of 30-Year Plan. The article has been published in the Eastern Courier.

Opposition planning spokeswoman Vickie Chapman has stopped short of promising a Liberal government would dump high-rise apartment plans.

NPSP Council to hold public meeting and forum on River Torrens building height changes

Daniela Abbracciavento covered the council meeting where Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council decided to hold public meeting and forum on River Torrens building height changes. The article has been published in the Eastern Courier.

SPRA is pleased with this outcome, when the alternative motion proposed by Mayor Bria was to close the workshops to the public. The expectation of SPRA is that the public meeting will be about concerns raised by residents in submissions to the rezoning proposals in the Development Plan Amendments now under consideration by Council. On the issue of degradation of the natural environment by dense blocks of multi-storey flats next to the Linear Park, residents are encouraged to read the Billabong Achievement at Risk and Influence of Linear Park on Coastal Water Quality articles for an understanding of the potential impacts.

Mayor Bria: DPA not about liveability

Mayor Robert Bria has written a letter to the editor titled Public Hearings in which he outlines his plan to close the planning workshops to attendance by the public. SPRA is disappointed by Mayor Bria's attempt to further reduce the information available to residents and their involvement in the DPA process. The proposed motion is available in the Council Meeting Agendas 2013 on page 2.

It is of major concern that Mayor Bria states in his "Reasons for Support of Motion":

With regard to part (c) of my Motion, a number of submissions have referred to issues related to and associated with the draft DPA, that are not of a planning policy nature, but rather related to the liveability of our City and in particular, the area adjacent to the River Torrens Linear Park.

It is great to see that Mayor Bria understands people are concerned about impacts on the Linear Park, however SPRA will be asking Mayor Bria if liveability of the city is not considered part of planning policy, then what is the purpose of planning policy?

Rushed Vision & Lack of Consultation

In Letters to the Editor on 29-Mar-2013, under the title "Rushed Vision", is a letter from JOHN BRIDGLAND of North Adelaide in which appears the following quotes:

IT was refreshing to read Local Government Association president Kym McHugh's views about the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (The Advertiser, 15/3/13). He said it was "developed in isolation from the community and a draft document launched on the public that had missed the start of the conversation".

Far from considering any rethink on this deeply flawed 30-Year Plan, his Government wants to change the planning system to comply with what is, in effect, a Property Council wish-list. Communities will need to speak with one voice - this plan is a problem, not a solution.

Developers to Strip Councils of Power

Heather Kennett has written in the Sunday Mail about Adelaide's development lobby plan to strip councils of power

ADELAIDE'S development lobby wants to strip councils of powers to approve projects worth more than $5 million or buildings taller than two storeys. The Property Council instead wants the state's Development Assessment Commission to assess such developments, in what will be seen as a renewed assault on the local planning authorities.

SPRA urges residents to attend the next public meeting on Thursday 21st March at the Norwood Town Hall. Councillors need to know that they have residents' support in pushing back against the demands of developers.

Terry Walsh: Adelaide has to get high(er)

Terry Walsh has written a deeply flawed opinion piece Terry Walsh: Adelaide has to get high(er) which has been published in AdelaideNow. Read a resident's response.

And we know that more and more South Australians would love to buy a smaller home in an inner suburb close to services and facilities - if only they could find one.

Do we really. Only last week, in the news was the fact that 45 Park Terrace, Gilberton didn't sell enough apartments to proceed. There is also plenty of vacant space in the CBD which could be developed without touching quiet residential areas. At the turn of the 20th Century the CBD population was double what it is now.

Councils are elected by residents and need to understand the concerns of residents and the reasons why residents live in the area. Developers might also find their projects more successful and better received if they understand the desires of the community, rather than chasing quick profits.